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La Graciosa

A paradise in the natural park of Archipielago Chinijo

La Graciosa Island together with the small islands of Montaña Clara, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste and Alegranza make up the Archipielago Chinijo (Lanzarote).

Although the origin of the name “La Graciosa” is unknown, it may be due to the fascinating colors of its beaches and volcanos and how those colors and landscapes evolve during the passage of the sun.

The island of La Graciosa is the 8th island of the Canaries with 650 of population and without paved roads, not for lack of resources, but for environmental awareness. As there is no asphalt, there are taxis available to anyone, although the most common is to move by bike.

La Graciosa is more than a destination, it’s a unique, unforgettable experience, in an unknown, virgin and wild place full of life and color.

La Graciosa is the most unknown island, quiet and with the most serenity of the Canary Islands. The charm of La Graciosa island is in the tranquillity, landscapes and endless routes, pure nature, bike paths, beaches, relaxation, … These are some of the things you can find, come and discover a little paradise.



A little paradise in Lanzarote





After have seeing from the Risco de Famara the most blonde of the Archipelago Chinijo, and have dreamt of its golden beaches, its placid houses lying on the sand next to the turquoise sea that caresses it. La Graciosa Island is an ideal island for special travelers, sensitive, who know how to enjoy nature, silence, beauty, sunny with paradisian beaches.

La Graciosa is practically a flat island, where four differentiated volcanic assemblages are found, Las Agujas, El Mojón, Montaña Bermeja and Montaña Amarilla.

Caleta del Sebo

A set of white houses and sandy streets is the picture offered by the main town on the easternmost island of the Canary Islands. La Graciosa Island is located near to one of the richest fishing banks in the world, and tit was the main source of income for its population. In fact that was the reason why Caleta de Sebo was founded in the XIX century. This is where our dive center is located..

Pedro Barba

Pedro Barba is the first human settlement that colonised the island of La Graciosa, today transforming into an exclusive and privileged vacation resort. The founders of Pedro Barba, over time, decided to move to Caleta de Sebo, leaving the town. Pedro Barba is very close to Caleta de Sebo and can be easily reached on foot.

The largest marine reserve in Europe

But without doubt, the great treasure of La Graciosa is under the sea and the best activity that can be done on the island of La Graciosa is to dive. La Graciosa is in the largest marine reserve in Europe, imagine the paradise that awaits you underwater. Angel sharks, Stingrays, massive schools of fish … What are you waiting for? We take care of everything!

Diving in La Graciosa

How to move around La Graciosa

Touring the island through the different paths enabled for this is an experience. In addition to being able to walk it on foot, we can rent a bikes in one of the different rental points on the island. Another option is to rent a taxi, with which it is possible to get to different beaches or take a tour of La Graciosa.


Enjoy many activities like diving, stand up paddle, surfing, kayaking, trekking or relax in one beach. La Graciosa offers everything to you. Discover this unique paradise!

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La Graciosa sailing trip

The most complete and spectacular catamaran sailing trip in Lanzarote, an unforgettable adventure! I Love La Graciosa will discover the charms of our small island La Graciosa aboard the luxurious and spectacular catamaran of Lineas Romero.

Go onboard of the Princess Cat. As a welcome you will be invited to a refreshing mojito, or other drinks, we will raise the sail and begin the journey along the south coast of La Graciosa!

During the navigation and while sunbathing from the wide and comfortable areas of the catamaran, you will have the opportunity to observe incredible views of the islets that form the Chinijo Archipelago, (Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Infierno), Montaña Amarilla and Playa de La Cocina. You will arrive at Playa de La Francesa, where you will enjoy a relaxing bath in its crystal clear waters, with water activities included, (Snorkel, Kayaks, Inflatable mattress …).

While you enjoy, the chef will prepare a delicious paella that will be served on board the Catamaran.

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