All our dive points at the Island | Buceo La Graciosa

Dive Sites

The best dive of Lanzarote is in La Graciosa Island

Back lightings, caves, massive schools of fish, gorgonian, volcanic formations, archaeological remains, coral, distributed in more than 20 dive sites. Dive with the indigo blue of the wildest Atlantic and travel through the history visiting our anchors and arhaeological remains of the XVI century.

The dive sites are inside of the marine reserve and are permit for all the dive levels, from the most recently divers to the most experienced of them .. Everybody can enjoy this amazing place.

Angel sharks, hogfish, stingrays, spider crabs, giant groupers, bastards schools, amberjacks, tunas, lopsters, … are only a few species that accompany us during the dives.


The largest concentration of Gerardias of the planet.

Las Gerardias


Unexplored reef with always any surprise



Unaltered funds in their maximum splendor.

El Roquete


A secret underwater paradise hidden between rocks, sand and caves, awsome!

Las Cañas


When the basaltic rock and the sand they merge underwater

Los dedos


Relax place for all the inahabitants of the reef.

Cueva de Jureles


History underwater

Las anclas


Where the huge jacks fish are sleeping

Jureles 2


Still have not dive in the largest marine reserve in Europe?

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It’s amazing be surronded by schools of thousands of fish



Amazing place full of small life

El acuario


Dive a volcano bay

Veril de Playa


A volcanic tube full of backlights

Tunel de Lava


Discover  the surprises in a cave hearth rock    

Cueva de Legionario


School of fish, gorgonian gardens, grouper,… a life show

El Anfiteatro


A painting of life and color, full covered for seaweed

La Burrera


A Jowel between Montaña Clara and La Graciosa

Veril de oscar