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The diving center

5 stars diving center!


In 1995, the largest marine reserve in Europe “Graciosa Island and northern islets of Lanzarote” was born. La Graciosa Diving Center was made to live an unforgettable adventure in the hands of our fabulous team, with whom you will enjoy endless surprises that will make you think to repeat.

We are the only diving center in La Graciosa Island

The diving center is located at the pier dock of La Graciosa, only a few steps to the boat and has modern facilities and equipment. We have rental equipment of the main brands in our Diving Center.

As you can see in our map of  La Graciosa diving center, we have everything you need to make yourself comfortable. You can take a warm shower after diving in our dressrooms and leave your equipment and personal stuff without problem.

The largest Marine Reserve in Europe

Discover the paradise is waiting for you underwater. We will surprise you!

Dive in La Graciosa

Passionate, professional and funny team!

The great and professional team of of La Graciosa the diving center, works every day with positive attitude to have everything in order. You can enjoy with them this wonderful unique natural environment, they will guide you through this amazing waters showing you the best of each dive. Our job is our passion and we want to share with you!

Passionate about the underwater world and diving, all of them professionals. Responsible with the protection and care of the largest marine reserve in Europe.

Alberto Casado

The Captain, with extensive experience in La Reserva and a great organization capacity, will make your diving experience unique. Always willing to help and show the secrets of our seas, great personality and diver.


Natural Instinct, his passion for the nature is transmitted under water and outside. Close and attentive, it will make you feel at home. Careful and safe. You will not be able to forget.

Isabel López

Adventurous and cheerful, a great professional who has acquired experience and knowledge in different parts of the globe. You will be surprised by her spontaneity and serenity under the sea.

Izaac Wakeland

Canarian Rithm. Young, happy and fun, with his love you will feel welcomed and with his good eye you will see Angel Sharks and Stingrays impossible to find. With desire and skill will guide you safely.

¡Join Us!

Join Us. The big family is growing up, if you are instructor and you want to be part of this team, send to us your CV

and you will enter in our employment exchange.

We have quality boats

We have quality boats, two speedboats and a ferry with back elevator.

We will surprise you

Go to the water won’t be a problem, with space and comfort. Come and discover it!